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Today our plans were to stop at the local Laws Railroad Museum, visit the Galen Rowell Light Gallery and do some exploring. After a continental breakfast provided by The Best Western lodge where we were staying, we headed in the direction of the Laws Railroad Museum. Since it did not open until 10:00AM, we decided to driver further down on Hwy 6 and do some exploring. The humidity was up, and we could see clouds gathering in the skies. Regardless of the climate, the scenery was still spectacular. When you’re surrounded by snow-capped peaks on all sides, whether the skies are blue or not, it’s still amazing to behold. We visited the small town of Chalfant, nestled beneath the White Mountains. It was a peaceful little town with well-kept homes, most of which appeared to be modular or mobile home units. Shortly thereafter, we turned around and arrived at the Laws Railroad Museum in Bishop, California. Laws was once a railroad town apparently named after one of the railroad agents. It was built in the early 1880’s with the first train arriving in April of 1883. The depot, agent’s house, section boss’s house, outhouses, water tank and turntable were all ready when the train arrived. In addition to the railroad buildings, other construction quickly followed which included many homes, barns and corrals, two general stores, a rooming house, eating house, hotel, boarding house, pool hall, blacksmith shop, post office, barber shop, powder magazine and warehouses. Several industrial buildings followed later. Many ranches surrounded Laws and used the railroad to ship their crops. The decline and demise of Laws and the railroad were the result of the local mines closing, trucking becoming cheaper than rail freight, and the City of Los Angeles buying most of the valley for the water rights. The railroad ceased operation in 1959. Only the depot, agent’s house, oil and water tanks and the turntable survived. There were several other buildings that we toured at the museum that were doomed for destruction locally, but were moved to the museum grounds for preservation.
Seeing the relics of a bygone era held an air of nostalgia for us. After all, Mike is half a century old, and I am not too far behind him. Some of the highlights for me of this museum were the following:

• Julia, the lady who ran the gift shop and greeted all visitors, was the first person we met. She has lived in Bishop for a long, long time and is in her 80’s. Julia recited to us the facts and history of Laws and gave us a map of the layout which she knew like the back of her hand. She was sharp as a whip. I hope I am as mentally alert as she is when I reach her tender age.
• The depot agent’s home was very impressive for a number of reasons. The lady who greeted us at this home gave us a tour. She pointed out some framed wall hangings in the parlor that appeared to be embroidered flowers. We learned that they were actually made out of human hair! Back in that time period, women rarely cut their hair. But they saved their hair and used it to make these beautiful embroidered pieces of art! It was truly amazing.
• Another item we found of noteworthiness in this home was sitting on top of an old organ. It was a songbook. The title of it was “Pentecostal Hymns Three and Four”. Mike opened the book to see if he could find a copyright date. We were not able to find one, and did not want to further open the songbook due to its age and fragile condition. The first song in the book was titled “O Why Not Tonight?” I’ve never heard of this song but plan to investigate and see if I can find it somewhere. I took a picture of the lyrics, but it turned out fuzzy. However, the theme of the song was about the urgency of the hour and pleading with those who are without God to give their hearts to Him. Hence the name, “O Why Not Tonight?”

Another item of interest were a couple of wreaths made entirely of human hair.  Back in those days, women did not cut their hair.  Any hair that they lost was collected and used to embroider wreathes such as the one in the picture below.

We spent about an hour and a half at this delightful museum which was set up like an old western town. The backdrop of the White Mountains and Sierra Nevada Range added to the scenery.

Next we stopped at the Galen Rowell Gallery of Light in Bishop. Galen Rowell was an amazing photographer. We have a couple of his books at home. While perusing the gallery, we heard a distant rumble of thunder. Clouds and thunderheads had been forming all afternoon, so we weren’t entirely surprised when we heard the first clap of thunder. Mike and I went to the lobby and looked out towards the West. Dark clouds were all around, and it was raining quite hard. More thunder claps followed and even some hail. We enjoyed the display of God’s power and majesty made equally exciting being in the mountains we so love. After awhile, the storm cleared, and it stopped raining. On to our next adventure to be continued in the next post.

Train at Laws Railroad Musuem

Train at Laws Railroad Musuem

Wreath made of human hair

Wreath made of human hair

pentecostal hymns

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When wisdom enters your heart, . . . discretion will preserve you. (Proverbs 2:10-11)

Toward the close of World War II, one Allied unit was assigned a crucial mission in Berlin. Each soldier had to memorize a map detailing all of Berlin’s important military sites ─ in a single night! In just a few hours, each soldier had committed the map to memory. The mission was a success.

Several years later, the Army conducted an experiment to see if that original feat could be duplicated. They offered a similar unit an extra week’s furlough ─ an attractive incentive ─ if they could carry out a comparable mission without a hitch. But the second unit could not match the success of the first. What made the difference? The lives of the men were not at stake.

Christians are engaged in a spiritual warfare (Ephesians 6:10-18). Our road map, our plan of strategy against Satan’s military strongholds, is the Bible. The more of it we memorize, and the more thoroughly we know it, the more effective we will be for God.


If your life depended on knowing the Bible, how long would you last?

Taken from Our Daily Bread

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wounded-spirit.jpgIn light of the recent tragedy at VA Tech, my thoughts have turned back to a book I read sometime after the Columbine tragedy by author Frank Peretti, aptly named, “The Wounded Spirit.  I feel deeply for all the students who lost their lives, but I also feel for the one who took their lives as well as his own.  In Peretti’s book, it says, “It’s the feeling of being undersized or oversized…or klutzy or less than beautiful.  Of being a nerd…or a geek…or just, somehow, different.  It’s knowing you are vulnerable–and someone is ready and willing to take full advantage of your weakness by making your life miserable.  It’s the fraternity you never wanted to join–the fellowship of the wounded spirit.

In Peretti’s first non fiction work, he examines the pain from his past and helps us uncover the scars in our own lives. Drawing from tragic news stories like Columbine, he illustrates how ridicule and rejection can push people beyond the brink.  Then with poignant insight, he shows us the way to heal the wounded spririt that lies within us all.”

I recommend this book to all who have been wounded or have loved ones or friends that have been wounded.  Peretti tells firsthand of his own experiences growing up with a medical condition that left him disfigured and subject to the ridicule of his classmates and the neighborhood kids.  His approach is both tender and tough as he issues a ringing call for a change in attitude.  It’s a call for all of us to stop thinking of abuse as “normal”, even among kids.  It’s a call for the strong to stand up and protect the weak, not prey upon them.  Most of all, it’s a call for bullies and victims alike to seek the healing and forgiveness offered in Jesus Christ.  Only in Christ is there hope for the wounded spirits–but that hope is powerful enough to change everything.

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Deadly Emotions, Paperback 

Did you know that negative emotions can adversely affect your health? Depression, anger, guilt, condemnation, low self-esteem-these are only a few of the lethal toxins that threaten body and spirit. 

Offering a clear definition of deadly emotions-what they are, where they come from, how they manifest themselves, and their effects on the body-Dr. Colbert uses scientific evidence to support his views. He further offers hope in the form of God’s power to deliver readers from these toxins, focusing on the power of forgiveness and repentance, the value of a merry heart, and the joy of the Lord. Finally, Dr. Colbert shares insights on the role nutrition plays in removing the physical toxins that inhibit true health.

 I found this to be a very fascinating and very helpful read.  One of the true accounts in this book was about a 7 or 8-year old girl that had a heart transplant.  She was given the heart of another little girl her age who had been murdered.  Shortly after the transplant, this girl started having nightmares about someone killing her.  Through her dreams, they were able to find and convict the murderer of the other little girl.  To find out more about this book, click here .

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Jen holding her cousin Abby and doing her stylish pose

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I didn’t get to show a picture of Abby in my recent post about all of us sissies getting together. I’m still learning to use Flickr, and it appears you can only download one photo to your post. Here is one of my 15-year-old nice, Jen, holding her cousin Abby who recently turned 19-months. Notice what Jen is wearing and how it all color coordinates. She hasa red chic purse, a red blouse, white blazer, jean skirt and get this…a red polka-dot head band and matching shoes! What a fashion plate my niece can be! I think that this is an obscession or perhaps a sickness when someone has to match and color coordinate all the time. I can say this because I too have the disease! In Dr. Kevin Leman’s book about birth orders, he says that he can tell firstborn women because they are perfectionists and almost always are color coordinated in their dress. Well he certainly has Jen and I pegged. We are both firstborns! My friend Dana is worse than me. She has to have her purses match her outfits also. Well, I am a one or two purse woman. My obscession only goes so far. Anyhow, hopefully they’ll someday find a cure for us.

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Book Recommendation: Bait of Satan

bait-of-satan.jpgI am an avid reader.  In addition to reading the Bible, it seems I always have a book in my hand.  I recently finished a good one called “Bait of Satan” by John Bevere.  I highly recommend this book to everyone.  It’s about living free from the deadly trap of offense.  Every one of us will be hurt or offended by someone sometime in our lives.  This book is a valuable tool to help overcome offense and the bitterness that often accompanies the hurt. 

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