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imageAs we reflect on 2017, we can say with grateful hearts that the Hand of God was truly with us and has taken us on an incredible journey. It all began on the morning of January 31. While sleeping, Mike dreamt a beautiful song was playing. He heard the words “All is well, All is Well”. When he awoke and pondered the dream, he believed God was preparing him for a future trial.

That same day, Mike was informed there would be layoffs, and he would be impacted. That weekend, a medical condition surfaced which resulted in a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Fear and uncertainty filled our hearts. But God was our helper and support. Mike and I began to pray and seek God’s help finding the right doctor for the surgery he needed. Little did we know that the answer to our prayers would lead us on an amazing adventure across the country. God led Mike to Dr. David Samadi, one of the best urologic surgeons in the U.S. Dr. Samadi is the Chair of Urology & Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. He is a renowned physician and is recognized as one of America’s most compassionate doctors. He is also of Persian Jewish lineage; a descendent of Abraham. God blessed and used Dr. Samadi’s skilled hands to perform his surgery successfully. Since then, Mike has had a clean bill of health. And we remember those words, “All is well”, and humbly thank God for the gifted hands he has given Dr. Samadi.
There is another doctor we know. He is the Great Physician, and His name is Jesus. Because of His hands, All is Well! And we are reminded at Christmas that though the tiny “Hands” of the babe in Bethlehem belonged to a King, they would never hold a royal scepter or wear a royal ring. His Hands were reserved for a Roman cross instead, to purchase our salvation. The word became flesh to fulfill redemption’s plan. And when it was completed, He said “It is finished’. ALL IS WELL….

Rest tiny Hands, though you belong to a King.
You will hold no royal scepter or wear a royal ring.
For your Hands are reserved for a Roman cross instead.
Loving Hands to heal the sick and raise the dead.
Sleep tiny heart, for time will come when you will break.
As on a lonely cross you’ll die, and men’s rejection you will take.
But as you close your eyes, you will be carried home at last.
And there you’ll find rest this time in your Father’s arms.

You are the precious Lamb of God.
You are the precious Lamb of God.
The Word became flesh to fulfill redemption’s plan.
Jesus, you are the precious Lamb of God. L. Wolfe

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