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Today, for the first time, our grandson Malachi James Mester climbed out of his crib. One minute, his daddy heard him over the monitor contentedly babbling and saying, “Da Da Da, and the next second, there was a thud and a cry of distress as if to say, “Help me, I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself into”. When Papa Jeremy walked into his room, Malachi was no longer in his crib, but sprawled on the carpeted floor. A pretty amazing feat for an eleven month old who does not yet walk or stand on his own. Thank God he wasn’t hurt, but his little world and ours had been forever changed.
You see, from the moment a baby is born begins the long, arduous process of breaking him/her from dependence on mommy and daddy and eventually becoming a mature, responsible adult. Malachi is one baby step closer to that after today. In escaping the safe confines of his crib, he had entered a new world; one which isn’t as secure as his cradle.
Now Mommy and Daddy will have to lower his crib mattress to prolong the inevitable as well as childproofing not only his room, but the entire home. For with each new feat of independence comes a whole new set of risks and ensuing safety precautions to be taken.
My grandmother heart beats bittersweet today. I’m already missing those early weeks and months of caring for Malachi and feeling so needed when he was a helpless newborn. Now he feeds himself, crawls, drinks from his sippy cup and performs a whole host of other skills which he has learned in such a short time. The songwriter Wayne Watson summed it up in his song Watercolor Ponies, “Oh the pleasure of watching the children grow is mixed with a bitter cup, of knowing the watercolor ponies will one day ride away.” I guess that’s how I’m feeling today.
But at the same time, my heart beams with gratefulness for what happened today. As much as I would like to keep my grandson little and dependent and protect him from all harm, I would never want to deprive him of the potential to grow and dream and experience all that God has for him in this life.
So tonight Malachi, as you’re sleeping and dreaming your baby dreams, know that your Grandma Kiki loves you and rejoices with you in each new discovery and victory you attain to in life. I am here to support, guide, and augment your parents’ training. You are always in my heart and in my prayers.

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He Has Come!

The face of innocence

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It seems like 2010 has flown by in the blink of an eye. I remember last December at this time, the excitement was mounting in our lives because our first grandchild was soon to be born. After nine long months of waiting in eager anticipation, our first grandchild finally arrived! Malachi (Kai) James Mester entered this world on January 11, 2010, weighing in at 9-½ LBS and 21 inches long. At long last, he has come. A new era begins in our lives, one that has transformed us forever!

This blond-haired, blue-eyed baby boy has brought so much joy to our lives this year. He coos, he laughs, he claps, and he squeals with delight! Seeing life through the eyes of Malachi brings us a fresh sense of wonder and awe, because his eyes reflect sweet innocence and love. And everything is brand new to him. Mike and I have held Kai and wept tears of joy and thankfulness to God for his young life. We’re so grateful to be a part of him. Malachi’s name means “My Messenger”. And we hope that one day he will proclaim the message of salvation and hope to longing hearts.

Angelic messengers announced the birth of a very special baby boy two millennia ago. His nativity was the most pivotal event in human history. Jesus, this child of new beginnings had come. Just as a new era had begun for us with Kai’s birth, an era that transcends all others began with the birth of Jesus. Born a child and yet a king, a lowly manger embraced God’s almighty heart.

Scriptures claim His origin had been from old; from everlasting. The Timeless One had stepped into time; for a purpose. He came into a world filled with utter darkness to give us light, and redeem us from the curse of sin and the ensuing darkness that had reigned in our hearts since the fall of the first man, Adam.
God in His magnificent wisdom, robed Himself in flesh, walked among us, and through His sacrifice on the cross, He reconciled mankind back to Himself. This priceless gift of salvation is now available to whosoever will follow His call, a call that began with a baby’s cry; who knocked on the world’s heart and gently asked to come in.

Is it any wonder that Jesus said except we be converted and become as little children we would not enter the Kingdom of Heaven? (Matt.18:3) What is it about a small child that appeals to us? Is it their innocence, simple trust and wide-eyed wonder? Or perhaps it’s their total dependence on us for their care? Could it be that through the eyes of a child, we catch a glimpse of heaven? Jesus said, “For of such is the Kingdom of God”.
Let Jesus change your heart today. He is real. Turn from the old life. Let Him make you new. Be filled with His wonder. Be touched by His peace. Believe in the miracle. He Has Come!

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