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I would like to take this opportunity to wish my beloved niece, Jennifer Elise a happy 18th birthday! Jen, tonight as I was looking at some photos of you in your babyhood and younger years, I was amazed once again at how quickly time passes. I remember how excited I was when you were born, and I became a real auntie for the first time. I would go to your house often on my lunch hour just so I could see you and hold you and kiss you and drink in everything about your baby mannerisms. I remember how thrilled I was to watch you during church while your mom taught Sunday school. That was when you first developed your love of shoes that you still have today! LOL How many pairs do you own now??? I remember the church service in 1999 when with hands raised, eyes closed and tears cascading down your 7-year-old face, God filled you with His precious Spirit. You fell in love with Jesus as a young child, and I’ve seen so much growth in you through the years. Because of your love for God and people, your friend Brea came to the Lord. I’ve seen your godly influence on other friends in your life as well. God has blessed you with musical talent. You play and sing so beautifully, and I’m so proud that you are using your talents to give God glory. You have a special walk with Him. Never let go of that dedication and consecration to God. My heart is full of gratitude, and with tear-filled eyes, I thank the Lord for a very precious and special niece. I love you sweet Jenga! All my love, Aunt Kiki

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