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Creepy Crawlers



A few days ago, we were staying with our friends Mike & Debbie in the beautiful little mountain town of Mariposa. We were driving around the area near sunset, just exploring and viewing the fall colors. As we were driving down a road which led to a small subdivision called “Royal Oaks”, we spotted something crawling across our pathway. Upon stopping the car and taking a closer look, we discovered it was a tarantula!! I immediately grabbed my camera and hopped out of the car to capture some shots of this creepy, but interesting creature.  Using Mike’s pen for scale, we took some pictures of the spider.  It was definitely not the “itsy bitsy spider” I grew up reading about in nursery rhymes.  By the time we were finished with our drive in this almost vacant subdivision, we had encountered nine sightings of these tarantulas; not sure if what we were seeing were the babies or the mamas, but they were BIG!   We decided this subdivision should be renamed “Royal Tarantula Estates”!!








Mikie tries to make friends with the tarantula

Mikie tries to make friends with the tarantula

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