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DSC_0046Twin LakesWell, we are off on our 30th anniversary road trip. We may not have Internet coverage every where we go, but when we do, I will post some of our adventures. Here is day 1:

We pulled out of our driveway about 10:01am. The day was overcast, windy and in the 60’s. We have been having some unusual weather for June. It doesn’t really feel like summer yet. Within an hour and a half, we were in the foothills of Placerville. Seeing the pine trees and rolling hills seemed to have a calming effect, and we began to feel like we were on vacation. At times, we saw blue skies, but always the clouds were with us. Ascending down Echo Summit, Lake Tahoe looked glorious in spite of the clouds. Way down below, I could see Hwy 89 meandering through the hills. Soon we were on that highway where alpine meadows and towering, snow-capped mountain peaks loomed over us. As we approached Monitor Pass, we stopped to take in the surrounding view. The lilac-colored lupines were in bloom, and we had to capture a few of them on our cameras. Then we continued on down Monitor Pass. Although this is about our 4th time driving down this pass, the view never ceases to amaze us. Descending down from dizzying heights, we can see two mountain ranges with an alluvial plain between them. If we look at it too long, we can almost sense a vertigo feeling. Kinda scary. Sprawled out below us were the luscious, verdant meadows of the Walker Valley. Cattle could be seen grazing in the distance. What a pastoral setting. When we reached Hwy 395, we turned left and headed North to Topaz Lake. We had wanted to stop and see this lake, and since it was a short distance away, we decided to make the trip. We passed the Nevada border, and sure enough, near the lake’s edge was a casino. We stopped at the nearby Chevron to fill up our tank. At $2.74 a gallon, gas was cheaper than the town where we leave. We stopped and took a few pictures of the lake, then turned back and headed to our destination of Twin Lakes in the town of Bridgeport.

As we continued south on 395, the meadows gave way to hills and fields with nothing but sagebrush. Pretty desolate looking, but it had a beauty all its own. There were homes sparsely dotting the countryside. It was a no mans land, but for those who prefer solitude, I’m sure it is a paradise of sorts for them. We pulled into Bridgeport around 3:00 PM and turned onto the road towards Twin Lakes. Ominous clouds hovered over the mountain peaks surrounding twin lakes, and I wondered what kind of weather we had in store for us. We stopped beside the road to take some pictures and continued on to Twin Lakes. We were staying at Annett’s Mono Village at the far end of the lakes. This resort is a haven for RV’ers, and campers. But it also has cabins and a motel. After checking in, we moved our bags to our motel room and walked over to the café for a late lunch/early dinner. Everyone here is friendly and helpful. Mike ordered the meatloaf, and I ordered the chicken parmesan dish. It was quite tasty. After dinner we took about a 3-mile hike down the fire road. This led us to the trail head for the hike to Barney Lake. This is about an 8 mile hike round trip. We may do this hike tomorrow weather permitting. On the way there, it started lightly raining. The temperature was about 53 degrees. We located the trail head and continued on a little further to a small bridge that traversed the river that fed into Twin Lakes. Further on down the trail was a little fish hatchery. It had a high fence all around it as well barbed wire and warning signs advising not to harm the fish. The fish looked so cozy in their little hatchery. These fish are raised to stock the Twin Lakes. Fishing is plentiful here. There are boats that one can rent for the day or just for a few hours. It is a delightful place to spend a vacation. Peaceful and quiet with tranquil beauty all around.The Siberian Irises are in bloom, and we delight in gazing at their delicate beauty. After returning from our hike, we took a brief walk to the lake. Mike drew a heart with our initials in it. Outside the heart, he wrote the date of our 30th wedding anniversary, June 16, 09. It was so sweet and romantic. He took a picture of the heart so it will never get washed away. The wind had picked up, and temperatures were dropping. We took a few pictures and then retired for the night.

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