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blessed to be a grandpa

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The month of May was full of surprises in the Mester household. About three weeks ago on a Tuesday night after church, we were walking out to our vehicle. We just happened to park next to Jeremy and Molly’s vehicle, and while walking out with them, Jeremy mentioned that he had something to give to us that he thought we would like. He went to his car, returned with a brown paper bag and handed it to his dad, who then turned it over to me to open. Upon opening the bag, I pulled out the sweatshirt Mike is holding in the picture. I knew that Mike had purchased this sweatshirt after he found out Jeremy and Molly were getting married. He had found it in a catalog, but could not find a grandma sweatshirt. Mike went ahead and purchased the sweatshirt. So why were Jeremy and Molly giving him the same sweatshirt. Well, I’m a little slow sometimes. Upon seeing the sweatshirt, I replied, “Oh, that’s nice’> Still clueless.

Mike turned to Jeremy and Molly and asked them if there was something they were not telling us. Jeremy replied, “There sure is. In January you are going to be grandparents.” Suddenly the light bulb came on in my brain, and it registered. “What!” I exclaimed. I then turned to Molly and asked her the question, “Really?” When she said yes, I let out a shout of elation! We hugged one another and some tears of joy were near the surface. We found out that Jeremy had visited our home that morning while we were at work and had confiscated his dad’s sweatshirt. What a cool way to break the news to us.

Yes! We are going to be grandparents, and we couldn’t be more excited! Thank God for the new little life growing inside our dear daughter-in-law. Just wanted to share the good news with everyone.

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