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Is He Over the Hill?

Is he over the hill?

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This past weekend, we threw a surprise party for our dear brother-in-law, Pete, who turned 50 yesterday. Is he over the hill? Well, in dog years, he’d be 350, but in giant redwood years, he’d be only about 3-1/2. So I guess it’s all in your perspective. There were many friends and family there to help us celebrate. We had a tremendous time, laughing, eating, singing and reminiscing. To see more pictures, just click on the link below Pete’s picture.

Pete has been a member of our family since 1983 when he swept my sister Carol off her feet and married her. I don’t consider Pete to be a brother-in-law. He’s more than that. He’s been a great brother, who is generous, loving, and caring. We are so blessed by God to have him in our family. Happy Birthday Pete! We love you bunches!

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