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life_preserver I ran across this entry from my devotional “An Oasis Moment”, and it really spoke to my heart. My hope is that it will bless someone  else as much as it has me.

My Life Preserver

“…when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I. For thou hast been a shelter for me…” Psalm 61:2,3

In the state of California, there is a town by the name of San Juan Capistrano. Every year something very amazing takes place there.

On March 19- not a day earlier nor a day later- the swallows (small, swift-flying birds) arriver here, after flying 6,000 miles across the ocean from Argentina. Then, every October, they make the return trip.

For years bird watchers have wondered how these tiny, little birds that cannot swim fly such a long distance non-stop over the ocean. That is, until they discovered their secret. They noticed that every time the swallows begin their long flight, each one picks up a tiny twig that it carries with it over the ocean voyage.

When the swallows become weary and can go no further, they place their twigs on the surface of the water in the vast sea. As they float, they rest upon the twigs, as they become their resting places and life-saving devices.

After they have regained their strength, each swallow picks up its twig and continues its flight until it reaches its destination safely.

What a resting place we, as children of God, have in Jesus Christ. There is a place in Him where He BECOMES your life-not just a part of it. There is a secret place in Him that will keep you afloat when the seas of life get too vast, too big, or too overwhelming for you to handle alone. HE is a secret place, a hiding place, and a resting place. It’s in a dark prayer room, a lonely prayer closet that is away from everyone and all else-but it’s the answer. In that place, do not try to be strong, but learn to be still. Then you will find your refuge in the midst of the never-ending sea, because in this quite, still place, He will strengthen you, change you, and give you a new heart that beats like His, until you have the strength to continue on>

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Winter Escape

Front view of Shooting Star B&B

Originally uploaded by Kiki Karia.

It was December 26. The time was about 10am, and I was still in bed, the beginnings of consciousness arousing me from my Yuletide slumber. Suddenly the telephone rang, jerking me wide awake. Since I could no longer sleep, I arose and went to the family room where my hubby was talking on the phone, I learned, with our son Jeremy. He and his new bride Molly, were staying at a bed and breakfast in north Lake Tahoe. They had the whole place to themselves and were inviting us to come join them. I even received a text message from Molly with a beautiful picture of the lake. After perusing the website of the Shooting Star Bed and Breakfast, I was convinced that I needed to get away!

Mike and I packed in record time (2 hours!) and were headed up to Tahoe by about 1:00 PM. When we finally arrived that evening, we were not disappointed! The Shooting Star Bed and Breakfast is one of only about 4 bed and breakfasts in the Lake Tahoe area. It was a huge sprawling house that was warm, cozy and extra special because Bill, the owner, made us feel so welcome! Some of the features that I really liked were the heated tile floors in the kitchen and bathroom, the double shower, the large king-sized bed with a feather-bed like comforter, the view of the lake, the decor, and so much more! Jeremy and Molly’s room had a hot tub and fireplace. We felt like we were in the lap of luxury. And Bill’s breakfasts of French toast, bacon, delectable fruit, scrambled eggs and juice were wonderful! I would recommend this delightful place to anyone who wanted to get away for a day or two to relax.

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