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Mike resting on the front deck

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The Bible says that that God ended his work which He had made, and He rested on the seventh day from all his work which He had made (Genesis 2:2). This was the seventh day of our trip, so it was only right that we spend the day resting. The past six days, we had done a lot of driving, traveling and sightseeing. Now we were going to be staying at one location for the next five days.

We slept in, as people who rest usually do. Later that morning, I fixed us a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, toasted cinnamon raisin muffins, orange juice, and apple slices with yogurt and granola. Yummy! It was a beautiful sunny day in the redwoods. We spent a good part of the day relaxing on the front deck, reading and taking in the view from this lovely and tranquil location.

There were some resident deer that came near our cabin, and Mike spent some time photographing them. A couple of stellar blue jays were twittering about in nearby trees. Mike laid out some Sun Chips, and made friends quickly with them. It was a leisurely, relaxing day. Mike remarked that he could get used to this. I wonder if retirement would be like this? I spent a considerable amount of time reading and writing in my journal.

I fixed a simple dinner of hamburgers, corn and Weenie Beanies. This slower pace was quite enjoyable. At 7:30, we drove to the registration facility to hear a ranger talk that was scheduled for that night. This is where a Yosemite ranger comes and holds an informal and educational discussion about the national park or whatever topic he chooses. There were about twelve people there, and the ranger had an open forum, allowing us to discuss or ask him any questions we would like. He threatened that if we ran out of questions to ask him, he would bring out his ukulele and make us sing songs. That never did happen. Our group had many questions, and this friendly and loquacious ranger was blessed with the gift of gab. He rambled on about the various topics and questions that were posed. It was quite interesting hearing about the history of this amazing location. He talked about Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir’s travels to this area as well as the problem of overcrowding in the park. I learned that the grounds where we were staying, “Redwoods in Yosemite”, is mostly private property, and although it is surrounded by Yosemite National Park, it is not part of the national park service. We drove back to our cabin about an hour later, with our heads a little bit fuller with knowledge of this area.

Deer near our cabin

Deer near our cabin

Stellar blue jay near our cabin

Blue jay near our cabin

Mike reposing on the front deck

Mike reposing on the front deck

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