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I found the following article to be quite interesting. I believe most people would agree that there is an inherent power in music. It is used in almost every facet of life, from advertising, media, social gatherings to praise and worship. The influence of music is undeniably real. In the Bible, it mentions that when an evil spirit troubled King Saul, it was David, the shepherd boy who played his harp for the King, who was refreshed, and the evil spirit departed from him (1 Samuel 16:23). Another example is found in 2 Chronicles 20:21-25. The dreaded Ammonites were coming against King Jehoshaphat and the children of Judah with a mighty army. King Jehoshaphat was afraid, but he did the right thing. He proclaimed a fast and then turned to God and prayed and sought God’s help. The next day, instead of fighting in a battle, King Jehoshaphat appointed singers to praise the beauty of holiness. And as they began to sing and praise God, The Lord set ambushments, and their enemies ended up destroying each other! The battle was won for Judah without them even lifting a sword. They won by singing God’s praises! I can’t begin to tell you the times in my life where music has lifted my spirits. So is it any surprise that music, especially the kind that praises and worships God, might have healing power? What think ye?

By KAREN MATTHEWS, Associated Press WriterSat May 31, 9:17 AM ET

Noted neurologist Oliver Sacks has found common ground with the pastor of Harlem’s Abyssinian Baptist Church: Both men believe in the healing power of music.

Sacks, the best-selling author of “Awakenings” and “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat,” was to share the church stage Saturday with the famed gospel choir as part of the inaugural World Science Festival, a five-day celebration of science taking place in New York this week.

“It should be an exciting and unusual event,” Sacks said in an interview this week. “I will talk about the therapeutic and beneficent power of music as a physician, and then their wonderful choir will perform. … And the audience will make what they can of it.”

Sacks’ most recent book is “Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain,” which examines the relationship between music and the brain, including its healing effect on people suffering from such diseases as Tourette’s syndrome, Parkinson’s, autism and Alzheimer’s.

“Even with advanced dementia, when powers of memory and language are lost, people will respond to music,” he said.

A Baptist church is an unusual venue for Sacks, a professor of clinical neurology and clinical psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center who was brought up Jewish but is not a religious believer.

But the central role of music in church makes Abyssinian a good place to discuss the myriad ways that music affects the human brain, said Sacks, who was played by Robin Williams in the movie version of “Awakenings.”

Abyssinian’s pastor, the Rev. Calvin O. Butts III, said the choir is looking forward to performing with Sacks. He noted that music plays a central role in the healing power of prayer.

“What we have been studying … is that when you pray, there’s actually a physiological change in the body,” he said. “Music is very much a part of this. There are certain notes that generate in the human body a kind of peacefulness.” Click Here to read the rest of this article.

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I recently read a poem that someone had written that talks about the problem of using a spell-checker program on the computer. The first stanza says:

I have a spelling checker

I disk covered four my PC.

It plane lee marks four my revue

Miss steaks aye can knot see.

This is proof that if you are looking to the wrong source for accuracy, then you still won’t be right. It’s also that way when it comes to faith. It is possible to rely on the wrong source of information about spiritual issues. Where can we go to find truth? We need a perfect, fail-safe source. That source is the Bible. God’s Word is the foundation for what is true and right.

Like a compass, the Bible always guides you in the right direction.

Forever, O Lord, Your Word is settled in Heaven. Psalm 119:89

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Baby Mom (Vivian)

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I had a wonderful weekend shopping with Mom and the family and spending Mother’s Day with my precious Mom. How thankful I am to still have my mother with me. She will turn 70 next year, but she’s still youthful in her spirit and spry in her step. What an influence Mom has had on my life. Here are some of the things Mom has imparted to me:·

  • Not gossiping or talking bad about people.·
  • Minding my manners and my own business· Lying is wrong. Mom refused to call in sick for me on Senior Ditch Day.·
  • Not following the crowd. This one has saved me much heartache.·
  • Comparing prices when I shop. It has saved me much money.·
  • Treating others with kindness·
  • Praying together (She always said that the family that prayed together stayed together.)·
  • Sharing with others. (I had 5 other siblings, and this wasn’t always easy.)·
  • A love of books and reading. I’m a bookworm because of Mom. She always read to us. She still does!
  • · A love of music. Mom always loved singing and would sing to us. She still does now!

There’s so much more I could say, but time does not permit me. You get the idea. God blessed me with a wonderful, kindhearted, caring, self-sacrificing Mom. I ran across this poem, in my “Streams in the Desert” devotional, and it made me think of my Mom. I would like to dedicate this to you, Mom. Thank you for all you’ve done to hold us together during trying times and all you did to make our house a home. I’ve never doubted your love. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I love you dearly!

The young mother set her foot on the path of life. ” Is this the long way?” she asked. And the guide said: “Yes, and the way is hard. And you will be old before you reach the end of it. But the end will be better than the beginning.”

But the young mother was happy, and she would not believe that anything could be better than these years. So she played with her children, and gathered flowers for them along the way, and bathed them in the clear streams; and the sun shone on them, and the young Mother cried, “Nothing will ever be lovelier than this.”

Then the night came, and the storm, and the path was dark, and the children shook with fear and cold, and the mother drew them close and covered them with her mantle, and the children said, “Mother, we are not afraid, for you are near, and no harm can come.”  And the Mother said, ‘This is better than the brightness of day, for I have taught my children courage.’

And the morning came, and there was a hill ahead, and the children climbed and grew weary, and the mother was weary. But at all times she said to the children, “A little patience and we are there.” So the children climbed, and when they reached the top they said, “Mother, we would not have done it without you.” And the mother, when she lay down at night looked up at the stars and said, “This is a better day than the last, for my children have learned fortitude in the face of hardness. Yesterday I gave them courage.  Today I have given them strength.”

And the next day came strange clouds which darkened the earth, clouds of war and hate and evil, and the children groped and stumbled, and the mother said: “Look up. Lift your eyes to the light.” And the children looked and saw above the clouds an everlasting glory, and it guided them beyond the darkness. And that night the Mother said,  ” This is the best day of all, for I have shown my children God.”

And the days went on, and the weeks and the months and the years, and the mother grew old and she was little and bent, but her children were tall and strong, and walked with courage.  And when the way was rough, they lifted her, for she was as light as a feather; and at last they came to a hill, and beyond they could see a shining road and golden gates flung wide.

And the Mother said: “I have reached the end of my journey. And now I know the end is better than the beginning, for my children can walk alone, and their children after them.” And the children said, “You will always walk with us, Mother, even when you have gone through the gates.”

And they stood and watched her as she went on alone, and the gates closed after her. And they said: “We cannot see her, but she is with us still. A Mother like ours is more than a memory. She is a living presence.”

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This weekend my Mom, sisters, future daughter-in-Law, 2 nieces and infant nephew went on a power shopping trip to the mall as a pre-Mothers' Day outing. What a grand time we had! Afterwards, our son Jeremy treated us all to a lavish Mothers' Day BBQ complete with elegant white disposable tablecloth, rose petals, candlelight and soft piano music. We ate, we laughed, we lounged on the deck, and some brave souls (Carol and Mom) even ventured to dip their tootsies in the frigid waters of Heartsprings Pond. It was a wonderful time of good food, good fellowship and good memories. Thank you, Jeremy for making this event so special for us! Molly is now convinced that you're a keeper!

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My Honey Turns

This has been a busy month with many birthdays on both sides of our family. But I wanted to take a little time to put together this birthday tribute to my husband Mike, who turned 4_ (-none-of-your-business something) this week. I’ve known Mike since 1975, when we first met at a roller rink in a suburb of Chicago. And this June will mark 29 years since we said “I do”. God has blessed me with a man who is thoughtful and tender, who gives from his heart and portrays the gentle strength of the Lord…a Friend who listens with his heart and understands the significance of being there with a hug and a smile….A Companion who leads with love, integrity and faith, making it a joy and a privilege to stand beside him. There’s so much more I could say. Click here to read last year’s tribute. Happy Birthday Honey. I love you, and I thank God for bringing us together.

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This week my little sister Annie turned the BIG 40!! Annie and I are so blessed because we get to work together in the same office. Here are some pictures of her special day and what the gals did to make her day a memorable one! Happy Birthday Cookie! I love you Sis!

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