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burnt offering

Originally uploaded by Kiki Karia.

This cartoon is reminiscent of our most recent Thanksgiving, three days ago at my sister Carol’s home. In the Bible days, the priests would sacrifice burnt offerings to God. Well, this Thanksgiving, I had my own burnt offering….my cornbread stuffing!!! I don’t know why the bottom of the pan burned. I’ve used the same pan for many many years when making this stuffing, and it’s always turned out great. Not so this year, I’m afraid. There were several brave ones, myself included, who decided to try the stuffing anyways. My niece Jennifer ending up rushing to the bathroom to spit it out! Although I’ve never smoked, It smelled and tasted like a pack of Virginia Slims.

This poor excuse for stuffing evoked many a gut-wrenching laugh and guffaw from all of us throughout the day and into the evening and proved to be quite a memorable event for us; one Thanksgiving which I’m sure will not be forgotten for a long, long time!

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