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Mom’s Favorite

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When I was growing up, I remember my 5 siblings and I, at different times would ask Mom who her favorite child was. Mom would always respond that we were all her favorites. A wise answer, which still holds today. We still like to tease Mom even now about who her favorite is. Sometimes when I call her on the phone and she answers, I’ll say, “Hi Mom, it’s your favorite.” She just smiles and says how we’re all her favorites. I’m thankful to say that Mom really does love us equally. I have never felt her show any partiality or favoritism towards any of us, which is amazing, considering all the grief I gave her at times. God must’ve saved me first because he knew I needed salvation the most!

I’ve read about some parents in the Bible who showed favoritism towards their children, and the results were devastating! Just read about Joseph in Genesis Chapter 37, and you’ll see what I mean. Talk about a dysfunctional family.

However, I have solved the problem of favoritism in my family. I only had one child. I can say that Jeremy is my favorite son and favorite child. Because he is the only one, I can get away with it and not cause any problems. But I have many nieces and nephews, and I have to honestly say that I love them all equally. Each one is special and unique to me. I know this disappoints my niece Jen, who for years was the only niece and thus the favorite one.

In conclusion, I’m so thankful that our heavenly Father loves us all equally, and that He does not compare us to anyone else.  And I’m so glad to be one of His children.

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