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Yesterday two special gals turned a year older.  My sister Carol and her daughter Jennifer both celebrated the day of their births with a small family birthday bash at their humble abode, and I, the big sister, captured the event.  I remember the day, 16 years ago, when Jennifer was born.  Carol’s due date was early November, and she was really hoping that the baby would be born when she was still 28.  But alas, that was not to be.  Carol had a long labor that stretched into the night and wee hours of the morning.  So Jennifer made her arrival on November 5, 1991, Carol’s 29th birthday.  I was so thrilled because for the first time, I was an auntie.  I had waited 31 years for this!  Now Jen is well into her teens, and I have many other nieces and nephews and another due in January.  I’m a content aunt.

I’ve known my sister Carol for 45 years now, and I can truly say that she is one of my dearest and best friends.  It’s such a blessing to have sisters that are also your best friends.  She’s been there with me through thick and thin.  I love her dedication to God and to raising her kids.  She’s a mom, a home-school teacher, a Sunday school teacher, a pastor’s wife, just to name a few of the hats she wears.  She’s witty with words and is an awesome poetess and writer.  I love her sense of humor and especially her laugh.  If you ever get to visit with her, ask to hear her laugh.  It’s hilarious!

Happy birthday Carol and Jen!  I love you both tremendously!

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