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oatmeal.jpgA Missionary found herself without means, among a heathen people, far from any source of supplies. In her distress, she claimed the promise of God that He would supply her need. She was also in poor health. From a businessman in another part of the country came several large boxes of Scotch oatmeal. She already had several cans of condensed milk, so with these two commodities, she was obliged to sustain life for four long weeks. As time went on, it seemed to agree with her better; and by the time the four weeks had passed, she felt in excellent health. In relating the experience some time later to a company of people, which included a physician, she was asked more particularly of the nature of her former illness. The physician said, ‘The Lord heard your prayer and supplied your need more truly than you realize. For the sickness from which you were suffering, we physicians prescribe a four weeks’ diet of nothing but oatmeal gruel for our patients. The Lord prescribed it for you, and saw to it that that was all you took. It was the proper remedy.” Selected (from Streams in the Desert)

He hath given meat unto them that fear him: He will ever be mindful of His covenant. (Psalms 111:5)

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