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Heartspring Pond and Future Falls

Originally uploaded by Kiki Karia.

Last Saturday, after the guys who had helped Mike and Jeremy with the constructing of our backyard pond had left, I sat down at the computer to blog on the event. A while later, I was interrupted by Mike calling me to come outside. “Now what”? I irritably muttered. My whole day had been spent taking pictures, doing laundry, getting drinks for all the guys and fixing lunch for them. I had made them a big pot of my homemade Italian minestrone soup. I was tired and needed some “me” time. Reluctantly, I stepped outside. Mike motioned me over to the pond, and to my surprise, I saw this heart-shaped rock mortared to the inside of the pond. Mike had found it amongst the stones he had bought for building the pond and falls. Instantly my irritation vanished, and my face broke out in a big smile. It was a special moment as Mike and I held each other. I told him that we should name the pond. He suggested “Heart Springs”, and it has stuck. I’m looking forward to seeing Heartspring falls when it is finished and perhaps dipping my tootsies in the tranquil water. More to follow in future posts.


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