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Earlier this week was a very special day in the annals of history.  48 years ago, somewhere between May 6 and May 7, 1959, my dear future husband made his breeched entrance into the world.  He came out feet first and hit the ground running!  I want to pay tribute to my dear husband.  I thought I loved him when I said I do, almost 28 years ago (June 16, 1979), but as our happy Pastor says when referring to his love for his wife, “More than yesterday, less than tomorrow”.  Why do I love him so much?  Let me count some of the ways:


  • His sincerity and love for God, truth and holiness.  Mike won me to the Lord and helped to instill in me a love for His Word.  I love sharing spiritual truths with Mike that I have learned, and he loves to share with me also.  He’s my best friend.
  • He has a big, generous heart.  He not only loves me, he loves my family.  Just about every member of my family has lived with us at one time or another.
  • He’s an awesome teacher, especially when it comes to the bible, astronomy, science and physics.
  • His giving, self-sacrificial spirit.  When my brother Tommy was deathly ill last year, Mike flew to Seattle to get Tom and brought him back home to family.  He’s taken time off work to bring Tom to doctor appointments when I was unable to do so.
  • He’s a velvet and steel kind of guy.  He’s 100% true-grit man, but Mike is not afraid to cry if moved to do so.


There’s so much more I could say, but I think you get the picture.


Thank you, Honey for all that you are too me and all that you do to show your love.  I know that it was God who brought us together, and I am so grateful!

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