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wounded-spirit.jpgIn light of the recent tragedy at VA Tech, my thoughts have turned back to a book I read sometime after the Columbine tragedy by author Frank Peretti, aptly named, “The Wounded Spirit.  I feel deeply for all the students who lost their lives, but I also feel for the one who took their lives as well as his own.  In Peretti’s book, it says, “It’s the feeling of being undersized or oversized…or klutzy or less than beautiful.  Of being a nerd…or a geek…or just, somehow, different.  It’s knowing you are vulnerable–and someone is ready and willing to take full advantage of your weakness by making your life miserable.  It’s the fraternity you never wanted to join–the fellowship of the wounded spirit.

In Peretti’s first non fiction work, he examines the pain from his past and helps us uncover the scars in our own lives. Drawing from tragic news stories like Columbine, he illustrates how ridicule and rejection can push people beyond the brink.  Then with poignant insight, he shows us the way to heal the wounded spririt that lies within us all.”

I recommend this book to all who have been wounded or have loved ones or friends that have been wounded.  Peretti tells firsthand of his own experiences growing up with a medical condition that left him disfigured and subject to the ridicule of his classmates and the neighborhood kids.  His approach is both tender and tough as he issues a ringing call for a change in attitude.  It’s a call for all of us to stop thinking of abuse as “normal”, even among kids.  It’s a call for the strong to stand up and protect the weak, not prey upon them.  Most of all, it’s a call for bullies and victims alike to seek the healing and forgiveness offered in Jesus Christ.  Only in Christ is there hope for the wounded spirits–but that hope is powerful enough to change everything.

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