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While we were at ladies’ retreat having a great time, our son Jeremy and his dear old dad were at the Toyota dealer in Davis checking out Rav 4’s.  About an hour after I arrived home from the retreat, Jeremy pulled up in a brand new 2007 charcoal Rav 4.  Boy was he jazzed!  This is his first car purchase.  His old Honda that we had bought him for college 6 years ago, bit the dust the weekend before when he was driving home from a trip to Bear Valley ski resort.  It’s a good thing he just turned 25.  This will definitely help his insurance rates.  We’re all looking forward to going to Yosemite this summer in Jer’s Rav 4, which we have affectionately dubbed, “Ravioli”.  Way to go, Jer!  I don’t envy your car payments though!


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This year’s ladies’ retreat was incredible for me in so many ways. As mentioned in my earlier post, I had the unexpected privilege of meeting one of my favorite authors, Lynda Allison-Doty.  I also got to meet some of my blogging buddies, Tena Valenti, Ronda Hurst and Jana Allard, for the first time!   I saw many of my old friends there and made some new ones.  I enjoyed Sis Buxton’s breakout session, “Fortress of Friendship”. Every message spoke to my heart, and I truly was blessed by Bro. Ron Mulling’s anointed preaching.  I left that place full inside, and I hope to be a blessing to someone else this year.

blogging-buddies.jpg Blogging Buddies


 roommates.jpg Cynthia my roommate


  retreat-019.jpg   Mom and Sandy

   sissies1.jpg     Sissies

retreat-011.jpg      Eva & Mom


   retreat-010.jpg    Dionne, Elaine & Susan


  retreat-022.jpg     Cynthia our invincible D.O.Z. leader

 retreat-013.jpg  Sweet Desiree


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