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kiki-bday-2.jpgEvery year for about 46 days, I go on a chocolate fast.  There is nothing spiritual about this.  It’s just an exercise in discipline that I choose to do to prove to myself that I can abstain, because I like chocolate so much.   The fast starts on January 1 and ends 46 days later on my birthday.  The past few years, my two sisters, Carol and Ann have joined me on this fast.  The difference this year was that I also fasted from cookies, cake, candy and sweets in general.  I am proud to say that I survived and even lost a few pounds. On February 15 at about 9:30 am, my sister Ann and I broke our chocolate fast together.  I partook of a homemade, decadent bonbon that was a mix of dark chocolate and mint.  It was sensory overload for me, and I experienced a euphoric chocolate high for about 5 minutes.  In my state of delirium, I did not recall what Ann ate.   

That night, my family celebrated my birth with me and I had more chocolate.  Since that day, I have been eating a piece of dark chocolate daily.  I think there may be some benefits to doing this, but to me, the taste itself is benefit enough!  Thank God that he made something we have to do to survive (eating) such a pleasurable experience!


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