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I ran across this article in Streams in the Desert about Abe Lincoln and thought I would post it in honor of  the anniversary of his 198th birthday.

It is good for me that I have been afflicted.  (Psalm 119:71)  

God seems to ask greater depths of experience of us as we go along the heavenly pathway.  First the water of trial is ankle deep, then knee deep, and later loin deep with waters to swim in.  Swimming on top of trouble would never be possible in ankle deep waters.  How good that the Lord graduates our trials, which though severe all issue well.  –W.M. Wadsworth, D.D.

One man, upon entering the national scene, was an expert in experiencing defeat and failure.  Had it not been for his determination to serve his fellow countrymen and his God, history would not have recorded him as one of the greatest American presidents.  His failures were his victories.

Abraham Lincoln met his first political failure when he lost the seat in the Illinois Legislature.  Friends persuaded him to venture into business.  Failing at this, he spent nearly twenty years paying off debts.  His next failure was the loss of the young woman he was to marry.  He later married a woman who proved to be a “thorn in his side”- another failure for happiness. 

Congress was his second political goal.  Not only did he miss it, but the United States Land Office, and the United States senate both were claimed by opponents.  Most men would lose their courage after so many defeats.  But. Mr. Lincoln pursued even higher attainments.  He believed he could gain the Vice Presidency in 1856.  Failing to take the office, he tried once more in 1858 and lost to Douglas.

One failure after another-severe and disastrous failures.  Who has not heard of Abraham Lincoln?  Yet he is a man not known for his failures!  –M. Taylor

 “In all things we are more than conquerors through Him that loves us.” (Romans 8:37)

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