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As of Friday, February 9, we are officially parents of a 25-year old young man.  Our dear son, Jeremy added another year to his life here on planet Earth.  It’s hard to believe we have a son who is a quarter of a century old!  We’re not even 50 yet.  But we started young as parents. I was almost 22, and Mike was almost 23 when Jeremy made his grand entrance.  As parents, I have to say that we are very proud of Jeremy.  Proud of the way he is living his life as a young man of integrity.  Jeremy has been teaching Sunday school now for over a year.  And the kids love him.  He also helps with operating the sound system and multi-media program at our church. And Jeremy has been a big encouragement to his friends when they’ve needed uplifting.  But most of all, we just love Jeremy for who he is and the love he has for God.  He can relate to just about any age group.  He’s comfortable with who he is and does not to my knowledge, wear a façade.  He’s quiet sometimes, but still waters run deep.  He’s also sensitive and tender hearted.  Oh, we could go on about our boy!  No, he’s not perfect.  We still have to get onto him about cleaning his room.  But we all have our flaws.  God’s still working on each of us.

Jeremy does not like to be fussed over, so we had a low-key birthday celebration at our home that night with the Connells and Jer’s two friends Cliff and JJ. Afterwards, he, Cliff and JJ went down to the church to do some jamming.  Cliff plays keyboard, JJ plays drums, and Jeremy has a saxophone.   Here are some pictures of the event.



jer-b-day.jpg              jer-b-day-cake.jpg                                            



3-amigos.jpg            3-amigos-2.jpg

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