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tulips-012.jpg  About two weeks ago, I received a very lovely gift from my Secret Sister.  It happened on a Sunday morning at church.  For the past three years now, we have had a secret sister program at our church.  Whoever wants to participate draws a name from a group of other names of ladies who want to be secret sisters.  Once you draw that name, that sister is yours to cherish for a year and lavish with gifts, cards and especially prayers and encouragement.  But the catch is that this is to be done anonymously.  You are not to reveal your identity to your secret sister until the revealing banquet at the end of the year. Whatever dear sister drew my name must know that we really like flowers and plants.  For Christmas, she bought me a miniature Christmas tree that is only about 6 or 7 inches tall.  My husband faithfully waters that little tree on a regular basis.  I think he’s hoping it will miraculously grow big enough to use for his decorations next December!  But I digress.  Two weeks ago on Sunday morning, I came to church and discovered that a lovely gift awaited me from my secret sister.  When I gazed at it, I was amazed.  Inside of a glass container about a foot high were 14 tulip bulbs.  The amazing thing was that they were not planted in any dirt, but they were definitely growing. For lots of green shoots had emerged from each bulb and were proudly displaying themselves for all to see. Each bulb rested on a plastic tray with many openings inside the glass container.  Underneath the tray were all the roots from each tulip bulb.  What a sight it was to behold this!  On the container was a label that said “Long Life Tulips” ready to grow indoors. They came from a company called “Bloomaker.com”.   I went to their website, and found that Bloomaker is specialized in indoor flower products and pre-packaged flower bulbs. Tulip bulbs are given a cold treatment before they pin them on a special plastic tray. For two to three weeks the bulbs are chilled in water at their facilities in Virginia. After this chilling period they put the bulbs in the glass containers and they are ready to flower in your house. 

The first week, nothing seemed to happen with the bulbs.  But last weekend, we noticed little buds starting to open up, and on Monday morning, the first white tulip peeked her pure white head out at us.  Now it is Thursday, and in an amazingly short amount of time, all fourteen of the bulbs have bloomed.  Every morning this week, Mike and I have looked forward to checking out our “babies”.  What a thrill to see them bud and bloom, almost right before our eyes!  There’s something about seeing plants grow and bud and bloom that just tickles us inside!

  Do you think God might feel that same way when he sees some growth in us, his crown creation?  I know that God sees the end from the beginning, but I can’t help but wonder if he feels a thrill when he sees us grow spiritually or make progress in our walk with Him.  If I get the buzz I do just from seeing some flowers bloom, how must the Lord feel when he sees Karen Mester learning to exercise patience or overcoming this carnal nature and walking in the Spirit or being a blessing to someone?   May God unfold us and cause us to bloom  just as He does the flowers.

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