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Today while browsing the news online, I ran across this article regarding a Catholic school that is showing its students a video of a live abortion without parental consent.  I was appalled.  But why should I be surprised?   We would not allow our son Jeremy to go through public school training on the “facts of life”.  That is not the school’s responsibility anyways.  That belongs solely to the parents.  I’m so thankful that my sister and sister-in-law homeschool their children.  Here is a link to that article for those of you interested: 


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Oh deer!  It happened last year at this time, and now it’s happened again.  I looked out my family room window the other night into our backyard, and to my surprise, there were several deer and a white moose grazing in our yard.  How bright they were, and they moved so slowly and gracefully.  They are back again this year and more beautiful than ever.  I guess we won’t have to worry about trimming the lawn as long as they hang around.  My honey and I like to watch them from our deck underneath the lighted arch from which hangs a “kissing ball”.  We like to steal an occasional kiss or two to make it more fun.  Oh Deer!

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