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It seemed that life in the furnace was never going to end.  Our A/C had been out for about a month.  We had struggled through 10+ days of triple digit temperatures trying whatever desperate means we could to cool down; even if that meant standing for a few seconds next to the open freezer to catch a blast of arctic pleasure.  After an aborted attempt by Sears to install a new A/C system, our hopes had been dashed, and we were just resigned to sweat it out until kingdom come.  The book of Proverbs states that “Hope deferred maketh the heart sick”, and we were SICK in heart and body!

So when Sears promised us that we would have our new A/C up and running on Monday, July 31, I was a bit skeptical.  I left the house that morning and decided I would not even call or go home until after 5 that evening.  If I was going to be disappointed again, I didn’t want to know about it until the day was over.

When I arrived home that evening, the Sears van was still parked in our driveway, in my parking spot, mind you!   That did not bode well with me.  As I entered the house fearing the worst, I learned that not only was the A/C and new furnace fully installed, but they had already sealed up all the ductwork and would not need to come back the next day!   The cool air wafted ever so gently out of the kitchen vent and down over my entire being as I stood underneath its benevolent grillwork.  No matter that we really didn’t need it now.  It was only in the 70’s.  Suddenly life had became rosier and all my troubles faded into the background. All was well…..Thank you Jesus!  There is life after the furnace! We have A/C!!!

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