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I live in beautiful, sunny, northern California.  At least it’s sunny most of the time between the months of May and October.  Recently we experienced about 11 consecutive days of over 100 degree temperatures in our fair state.  Before this occurred, our 30-year old air conditioner decided to kick the bucket on us.  It didn’t just quit one day.  No! It died a slow and painful death and dragged us along with it.  About a week after we had placed the order with Sears for a new unit, the temperature began escalating.  And Sears was taking its time about installing our new A/C unit.  The target date was Monday, July 24.   The weekend before this anticipated date, we “sweated it out” literally in our sweltering home.  The outside temperature in our backyard was 115 in the shade!  When we had gone to Death Valley the month before, the temperature was only 108!! The inside temperature on that fateful weekend maxed out at 100 degrees!!!    I was averaging 3 showers per day.  I don’t think I had perspired that much in years.  The one who seemed to take it the hardest was our dear son, Jeremy.  At 24 years of age, Jeremy is the youngest family member living in our home. You would think he could have handled it better being so young and fit!  But no.  He was grouchy, moody, irritable and not pleasant to be around.  In fact, he hung out a lot at the home of his friend JJ, who happens to have a big, doughboy swimming pool.  If he wasn’t there, he was at his other buddy Mike’s condo, who had a fully operational air conditioner.   Monday, July 24 arrived, and we all seemed to have a spring in our step.  This would be the last day that we would have to endure being “Sans A/C”!  A few days before, the technician had come to our home to take measurements and make sure that our furnace would be compatible with this new air conditioner.  He assured my husband Mike that everything was fine.  This new air conditioner was supposed to be the latest model and very energy efficient.  It would save us a substantial amount of money on our utility bill each month.  I had a busy day at work that Monday, and did not come home for lunch as I usually do.  When I arrived home later that afternoon, I was met with a very unhappy husband and son.  Sears had made a BIG mistake.  The installers had told my husband that the new air conditioner was not compatible with our furnace.  We would have to buy a new furnace, at a cost of  $4,000 if we wanted this air conditioner to operate.  After several phone calls and a heated conversation or two, Sears owned up to their mistake and agreed to split the cost of the furnace with us.  Our other option was to get a lesser efficient A/C and keep the old furnace.  We opted for the first choice, and next Monday, July 31, we will be getting a new furnace and A/C.  We wait with bated breath for this day to arrive. Below are some creative ideas that we tried during those ten+ days of living in a furnace: 

  • Turned on the backyard sprinklers and walked through them until we were soaked.  I even stuck my head in them!
  • Sat on our deck in front of a cool mister for about an hour
  • Took frozen bags of vegetables and applied them to my eyelids, face, neck, arms, back, etc. to cool down.
  • Drank LOTS of water and even stuck some water bottles in the freezer to cool them down faster
  • Stood in front of the open freezer for a few seconds
  • Took ice cold showers to cool off
  • Ate lots of ice cream and  ice cream sandwiches
  • Made pina colada smoothies using pineapple sherbet, coconut milk and ice
  • Stuck our sheets in the freezer for about 15 minutes before we went to bed.  (That was great!)  Pillowcases would work too!
  • Fixed salads and cold sandwiches for dinner and lunch
  • If it got really unbearable, we would go in our cars.  They have A/C.  Or, we would go to the mall or a store with A/C

 We currently have a “fiery” evangelist right now preaching revival at our church.  He made the comment that this weather just serves to remind him that he doesn’t want to go to hell!  I will keep you all updated on how this saga plays out.

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