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  Dad & His 3 Sons


Although dad was a quiet man who did not talk much, there were things he taught me that still guide my life today.  As the oldest child in a family of six, at times I acquired a bossy, know-it-all attitude towards my younger siblings.  One such day, I had called my sister Carol “stupid”.  Little did I know Dad was standing nearby and had heard my rude remark.  He immediately rebuked me for making such an unkind statement, and told me in no uncertain terms that there was no such thing as a stupid person.  To this day, I never call anyone “stupid”.

            Dad taught me patience.  When helping me with a difficult math problem, he never got upset if I was slow to understand.

            Dad taught me to be loving and affectionate.  He always would give each of us a kiss and a hug every night before we went to bed, even when we visited him as adults.

            Dad taught me to tell the truth by disciplining me when I told him a lie.  He taught me responsibility and rewarded me with a whooping 25-cent salary (a lot of money to an 8-year old) each week if I did my chores.

            One of the biggest things Dad taught me I learned as a teenager.  Dad had taken me to get my driver’s license.  To my horror, I flunked the driving test.  As I sat in the car with tears streaming down my face, Dad hugged me and told me that “all successes come through failure”.  He encouraged me to keep trying.  One of his favorite sayings was “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”.  A few months later, I took the test again and succeeded in getting my driver’s license.  What a victory for an 18-year-old.  I never forgot that lesson. 

         And as I look back through the years, I’ve seen that same leasson replayed over and over again in my life. Whether I succeeded or failed, Dad still loved me and believed in me.  Dad is gone now, but I’m so thankful I have a Heavenly Father who loves me through my successes and failures.  He encourages me to keep trying and to pick myself up when I fall short.  His grace is sufficient for me.


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Many of you may have read the “Dear Abby” columns years ago.  I thought I would put in a “Dear God” column.  Can you imagine if everyone consulted in Him and took His advice, how much better of a world this would be?_________________________________________

Dear God:Sometimes it’s hard for me to know if I’m following the path you desire for my life.  I want to do your will, but I don’t always know what that is.  And I feel like I have so far to go before I get there.  Could you give me some direction?Love, Your Mixed-up Child Child of Mine:

Walking with me is a long journey; so don’t expect to arrive the first day.  Take it mile by mile.  Some days the road is smooth, and you move forward.  Other days the road is full of rocks and ruts, and the going is rough.  It’s so easy to get discouraged on the rough days.  But don’t give up.  Instead, let me guide you.  When pioneers set out to explore a new land, there were no maps to rely on.  That’s why they carried an indispensable little device called a compass.  They would set their general direction, and many times during the journey, they would check the compass to make sure they were on course.

You are on a journey too.  No one else on this earth has ever traveled exactly the same path I have charted for you.  The surest way to stay on course is to constantly acknowledge me in all you do.  Speak to me; listen to me; check your bearings against my Word (that is your map), and your feet will stay on course.  Come to me each morning before you set out.  Spread out the map, and we’ll look at it together.  I’ll help you chart your course.  And as you walk, I’ll be right there with you, saying, “Turn left here, my child,” or “Right at the next corner.”  Trust me on this journey of faith.  This is an adventure.  Aren’t you glad we’re in it together?Your Guide, God

…….this is the way…..walk ye in it….Isaiah 30:21

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