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Here is a fish story taken from a different angle!  Down in the deep regions of the ocean lurks a creature called The Angler Fish.  The Angler Fish, while not very comely, may be an even better fisherman than you!  As you can see in the picture (Click on picture to get a better view.), there is a rod that extends out beyond the front of the fish. On the end of this rod is a "lure" that resembles a worm. In an attempt to attract its prey, the Angler Fish will cause the worm-like object to wiggle.  Since visibility is a problem in really deep water, light producing bacteria will help illuminate the worm. The unsuspecting prey approach the lure in hopes of a tasty meal, instead they become a meal themselves! Now here's where the story gets really bizarre, read on… On the underside of the Angler Fish towards the back is a small object attached to the flesh. This "attachment" is actually the male Angler Fish.  He attaches himself to the female by biting into the skin.  This will be the last bite he ever takes! Over time their bloodstream will become one. The male will lose all his organs and eventually even his eyes. From this point on he will spend the remainder of his life, living as a parasite, dependant on the female for all his nourishment. For the female he will be a source for reproduction, inseparable, mated for life.

I recently saw the Angler fish in action on a DVD called “The Blue Planet, Seas of Life” collectors set, produced by the BBC, and it really made quite an impression on me; especially the Angler Fish.  Often times, when I learn something new, I try to see if there is a spiritual application or parallel that I can apply to what I’ve learned.  This one spoke volumes to me.

Our adversary is much like the Angler fish.  He will dangle a “lure” before us in an attempt to make us his prey.  For Eve and eventually Adam, it was the forbidden fruit.  For some it may be riches and fame.  For others, alcohol and drugs.  The list goes on.  In fact, the Bible likens the devil to a roaring lion that goes about seeking whom he may devour; much like the Angler Fish.  Sadly enough, once he has captured his prey, they are often in bondage to him for the rest of their lives; just as the mate of the female Angler Fish is in bondage to her.

But thank God that when we repent of our sins, believe the Gospel, are baptized in the awesome name of Jesus Christ and surrender our lives to Him, He gives us the power to overcome sin.  That power is the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  With God living inside of us, we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us! 

By:  Karen Mester

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