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 Paint me with colours the shade of faith,

Make me a picture true.

Let the canvas be tinted with trust,Of every possible hue. 

Prepare me a portrait of steadfast love,

Fashioned by God’s own hand.

Let the brush stroke my frame with belief,

That in God alone I stand. 

Add in some pigment of suffering too,

To make the picture complete.

Cast the dye for the spectrum of hope,

To shelter me from defeat. 

Paint me with colours the shade of faith,

Use only tones resolute.

Let it be a work of art,A masterpiece of thy Truth. 

Stain the canvas with your own blood,

So cleansing and so royal.

Decorate each tint and shade,With friendship that is loyal. 

Paint me with colours the shade of faith,

Prepare me to be unveiled,

To the One who gave unreservedly,

Twas for me He was pierced and nailed. 

Paint me with colours the shade of faith,

An image of God’s own.

There in Heaven forever to hang,

Close to my God’s throne. 

By:  Karen Mester

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by:  Karen Mester 

 Men don’t panic when you view,

Someone who looks better than you.

Don’t envy his muscular physique.

Though he seems to be a hunk,

Remember, “God don’t make no junk”.

You are truly special and unique.

Better than one in a million,

That’s what you are to God.

When you think of all the billion

That on this earth do trod,

How God made only you to be you.

It says so in His letter (bible).

And we all know His word is true,

So no one can be you better.

Ladies don’t you turn all green,

When you see a beauty queen.

Don’t you whimper and wish that was you.

Remember that your kind is rare.

So don’t go trying to compare.

There’ll never be another one like you.

When you see a famous preacher,

Or a highly skillful teacher,

Or anyone whose talents seem perfected.

Remember that resident in you,

Are resources that our God can use.

And know that in His eyes you are accepted.

Don’t try to be what you ain’t

And don’t try to mar and taint,

That which God intended you to be.

From the day of your own birth,

You are of great prize and worth,

To God Almighty and to humanity!

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