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The Gift of You

Don't give me diamonds although I love

Their sparkle and their hue.

Friend, if you wish to bestow a gift,

Give me the gift of you.

Don't give me sapphires although I esteem

Their dazzling shade of blue.

Listen and hear and give if you please

The wonderful gift of you.

Don't bring me rubies although I admire

Their deep undertones of red.

Keep all your jewels and bring to me

The gift of you instead.

The only true gift is the gift of you.

Diamonds and rubies will never do.

They're just a weak apology

For the real gift that was meant to be.

He gives nothing who gives not of his heart.

Though his gift may appease, it can never impart,

The warmth that comes from a human soul.

T'is far greater than any gem I know.

1999 by Karen Mester

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Hello Bloggers!  Welcome to Kiki’s little korner.  A place of Karing, sharing, poetry, inspiration and maybe even some silliness.  Hope you are blessed.

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